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Caveman Rocks started in 2012. The owner, Dave Leppert, is a professional geologist in Boise, Idaho and has been collecting minerals for over 30 years. The name simply comes from the fact that my wife calls me the "Caveman". Caveman Rocks is the transition from my mineral collecting hobby to a business, to share my enjoyment of minerals with others, and to grow my personal collection while providing minerals to the public at reasonable prices. I mostly collect mineral specimens, though occasionally will pick up agates, petrified wood, and other materials of geologic interest. There will eventually be a section with jewelry and I also purchase cut gems and other items which will be posted on the site, though initially I will focus on minerals.

Another facet of Caveman Rocks is to provide information on the geology of southwest Idaho. As a part time ski instructor at Bogus Basin, I enjoy pointing out various aspects of the local geography and geology to my students and it makes their experience on the mountain more meaningful. As this website develops, I will also be adding pages on the geology of other areas that I go to. In particular, I frequently go to Glacier National Park, Montana and the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho and intend to provide information on the geology of those areas. Of course, I'm always keeping an eye out for nice specimens.

I travel as part of my work as a consulting geologist and sometimes can acquire minerals from unusual localities. I also have collected at a variety of localities throughout the western US, many that you rarely see material from on the market.

At times I may be out of town and not able to fulfill orders immediately. I normally will have email access and will respond promptly to any inquiries even if not able to ship anything and can put things on hold for you. If you don't hear back from me within 24 hours, it probably means I don't have internet access.

Only a relatively small portion of my inventory is shown on the website. If there is something you are particularly interested in, let me know. I may have other pieces available.
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Mineral Photos:
I take my mineral photos using a Nikon D3200. Though I have used digital cameras for many years, and film SLRs for many years prior to that, this is my first digital SLR and I still have a lot to learn about using it.

Photo lighting is primarily with LED strip lights, the same lights I use in my mineral cabinets, which I purchase at I'm using the 24v ultrabright strip lights that have a color temperature of 6000 to 6500K, though some of my cabinets had been retrofitted with their 12 v strips. These are much brighter than most of the LED strip lights I've seen elsewhere. has a good selection of accessories and mounting hardware.

Some minerals may be backlit, which will be noted, but most are taken with the lights directly overhead. In some photos you will see the reflection of the lights. Some have too much glare, I obviously need more practice taking mineral photos.
E-Mailing List:
If you wish to be added to my email list, simply contact me at I will not flood you with emails, but will send periodic notices when new material is posted, etc. Contact me at: OR
The geoleppert is my primary email which I generally check several times per day and I usually try to check the other at least once per day.

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North America
Website Updates:
I will try to add new pages on a regular basis. I will add the links to them at the bottom of this page, and elsewhere on the site as appropriate. My original design only had 8 pages and as I progress with this, I'm figuring out better ways to organize it.

Many of the minerals that I only have two or three specimens shown on one of the original pages will eventually have a page, or several pages, specifically for that mineral. Items I have in stock and will be adding include:
Tetrahedrite, Mundo Nuevo Mine, Peru
Realgar, Paloma Mine, Peru
Hubnerite, Pasto Bueno Mine, Peru
Galena, Huanzala Mine, Peru
Amethyst, Morocochca Mine, Peru
Quartz, Julcani Mine, Peru
Pyrite, Huanzala Mine, Peru
Linarite, Acari Mine, Peru
Bournonite, Machacamarca Mine, Peru
Epidote, Angelina III Mine, Peru
Quartz, Pasto Bueno Mine, Peru

In addition, there will be more minerals from Afghanistan and Pakistan. I'm always looking for new things to add and generally try to update the site every 2 months or so depending how busy I am with other jobs.

Additional Links!

Faden Quartz, Waziristan, Pakistan
Tourmaline, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Links to more pages at the bottom of this page.

Tanzanite, Merelani, Tanzania
Lapis tumbles and boxes, Tiger Eye
Faden Quartz
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Lapis,Tiger Eye

Retail Outlet in Boise!

Caveman Rocks has a case of minerals and jewelry for sale at "Once Upon a Time", and antique/collectibles store at 4718 W. State Street in the Collister shopping center, Boise, Idaho. It is in there behind Wells Fargo and next to the Library! My case is in the cubbyhole immediately to the left as you enter.

Rhodochrosite, Uchucchacua Mine, Peru
Quartz w/siderite and tennantite, Julcani Mine, Peru
Quartz, Pasto Bueno Mine, Peru
Cylindrite, Santa Cruz Mine, Bolivia
Rhodonite, San Martin Mine, Peru
Tetrahedrite, Mundo Nuevo, Peru
More Links Below!
Stibnite, Quiruvilca Mine, Peru
Orpiment, Quiruvilca Mine, Peru
Silver, Uchucchacua Mine, Peru

Display case at "Once Upon a Time" (left) and a closeup of the 2nd shelf which mostly has jewelry items.(below). There is also a selection of cut gemstones.

Tourmaline, Green Cap, Stak Nala, Pakistan
May 2014 updates
Above, tourmaline, Paprock, Afghanistan
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