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North America
These specimens are primarily botryoidal clusters of orpiment on a minor amount of matrix with or without barite and/or realgar. The orpiment is very delicate and the surface easily "bruised", the lighter colored area on many of the specimens. Most of these specimens are miniature to small cabinet sized.

 The Quiruvilca Districts is a lead/zinc/copper/silver deposit and is particularly noted for its fine enargite and pyrite specimens.
Page 23, Orpiment +/- Barite +/- Realgar, Quiruvilca Mine, Santiago de Chuco Province, La Libertad Department,Peru
CR 1359: Orpiment, Quiruvilca Mine, Peru: 6.1 cm x 3.5 cm x 1.4 cm, 52 grams. $19. This specimen looks a little darker with more of a brownish tint than in the photo. Note there are a few small pieces of realgar with it. Minor bruising.
CR 1361: Orpiment, Quiruvilca Mine, Peru: 5.2 cm x 4.5 cm x 2.0 cm, 61.9 grams. $19. Overall nice piece with smaller botryoids and minor bruising.
CR 1360: Orpiment, Quiruvilca Mine, Peru: 5.2 cm x 3.8 cm x 2.9 cm, 67 grams. $19. Nice 3-dimensional piece, discounted for the broken cluster on the right. Minor bruising. Very minor barite on the upper right.
CR 1363: Orpiment, Quiruvilca Mine, Peru: 5.1 cm x 4.5 cm x 3.0 cm, 77.2 grams. $22. A nice piece with a small realgar crystal (not visible in photo). The yellow areas are contact areas.
CR 1364: Orpiment, Quiruvilca Mine, Peru: 5.1 cm x 4.7 cm x 1.0 cm, 34.2 grams. $19. A nice sharp specimen with very minimal bruising. Thin matrix.
CR 1366: Orpiment with barite, Quiruvilca Mine, Peru: 4.3 cm x 4.1 cm x 2.0 cm, 67.8 grams. $29. The corner of the larger barite crystal has minor damage, most of the smaller ones are nice and sharp. Minor bruising. Sits nicely for display.
CR 1365: Orpiment, Quiruvilca Mine, Peru: 5.2 cm x 4.1 cm x 2.0 cm, 62.8 grams. $22. This piece sits nicely for display due to a wedge shaped matrix. Minimal bruising.
CR 1367: Orpiment, Quiruvilca Mine, Peru: xx cm x yy cm x zz cm, 47.2 grams. $29. Very nice orpiment with a small barite crystal (center) and a few very small realgar crystals. Minor bruising. Nice 3-dimensional aspect with the large botryoid on the right.
CR 1368: Orpiment, Quiruvilca Mine, Peru: 4.8 cm x 3.7 cm x 2.5 cm, 758 grams. $34. Nice large botryoids with a slightly larger, sharp realgar crystal (above the large botryoid on the right). Nice 3D aspect and sits nicely for display.
CR 1369: Orpiment, Quiruvilca Mine, Peru: 5.8 cm x 3.2 cm x 3.2 cm, 57.2 grams. $29. Nice combo piece with abundant realgar. The back of this is also covered with orpiment. Minor bruising.
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