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Lapis, Badakhshan, Afghanistan. I have picked up a number of large lapis tumbles and also a couple lots of smaller pieces. These make very nice sculptural decorative pieces. I particularly like the ones that stand on edge, though you could use the ones that lay flat as a display base, or fancy drink coasters with a little cork or felt glued to the back. Most of the pieces I see are under 2 kilograms, but if you are interested in a larger one, I see them now and then. These are the kinds of rocks I like to have sitting around the house where people can pick them up and look at them since they cannot be easily damaged. Let me know if you are looking for something in particular.
Page 11, Lapis Tumbles
CR1984,Lapis, Badakhshan, Afghanistan. 10 CM x 11 CM x 2 CM, 605 grams, $95. This piece will stand on edge, but it is thin and not real stable that way.
CR 2013,Lapis, Badakhshan, Afghanistan. 19 CM x 10 CM x 3 CM, 1798 grams, $295. A nice big piece of lapis, stands on the narrow edge (foreground) or the long edge (left). You could cut this up for a lot of jewelry.
CR2015b,Lapis, 4 CM x 3.2 CM x 0.7 CM, 28.9 Grams, $6.
CR1986,Lapis, Badakhshan, Afghanistan. 12 CM x 8 CM x 3 CM, 800 grams, $150. A nice thick piece that stands on 4 different edges.
CR1982, Tiger Eye, Badakhshan, Afghanistan. 15 CM x 6 CM x 7 CM, 1900 Grams, $295. A great piece of tiger eye. The measurement given is at the base, it tapers slightly up, to the right in the photo. Stands solidly on the base. A unique piece which will look good on a coffee table or similar place where people can handle it.
CR2130,Lapis Jewelry Box 12.5 CM x 7.5 CM x 3.5 CM, $45. A nice box with marble liner and base. Great gift item. I have numerous other boxes that are not posted yet.
CR2129,Lapis box, oval. 13 CM x 8 CM x 4 CM, $45. Height does not include the knob on top. This has a marble liner and bottom like the rectangular box.
CR2015e,Lapis, 3 CM x 2.6 CM x 2.2 CM, 32.4 Grams, $6.
CR2015f,Lapis, 3.5 CM x 2.5 CM x 1.2 CM, 26.5 Grams, $5.
New stock of Lapis coming soon!