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Minerals on this site will primary be oriented toward mid moderately high level collectors, but there will also be items for the beginner. They will include pieces that have been purchased wholesale and also things that have been self-collected.

Caveman Rocks also has items that generally are not considered mineral specimens. Anything that is considered of interest may be included. There will also be pieces from my personal collection that are not for sale, but of general interest.

Sizes and weights should be considered approximate since different scales will vary slightly and the actual point of measurement may vary. I use a digital micrometer to measure minerals and generally round off to the nearest mm. All measurements are in centimeters (1 inch = 2.54 cm) and weights in grams (1 pound = 454 grams). I tend to like large pieces, so will have a lot of small cabinet to cabinet size pieces.

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I have had the opportunity to go to Mongolia numerous times since 2005 to work on coal exploration projects.  Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to make it to any of the other mines.  I have only rarely seen any specimens from Mongolia on the market, though you do see specimens from "inner Mongolia" which is part of China. 
There is a museum of natural history in Ulaan  Baatar that displays some of Mongolia's mineral wealth.  There are quite a few fluorite mines throughout Mongolia that are represented by some nice specimens.  There are also some very nice aquamarines that come from southern Mongolia, smokey quartz, tourmaline, and a variety of other minerals.  They generally have a few smokey quartz and shorl in the gift shop, but not much else.  They also had some "meteorites", but it turns out they are not really meteorites.  It may be difficult to export minerals from Mongolia, I know they have strict restrictions on taking fossils out of the country.  Mongolia is noted for its dinosaur fauna.  In one of the small towns, we were offered a raptor leg with attached claws, at a very attractive price, but did not purchase it due to the fact it would not be possible to take home. 
In the coal areas, I have found numerous pieces of petrified wood, agates, and small quartz crystals.  One area had very nice petrified wood, big stumps of deep red wood that were naturally polished by the wind.  There are also some interesting ventifacts, rocks shaped and polished by the wind.  I will be posting some of these for general interest.
Aquamarine, Hutag Ull Ord,Mongolia: These come  from southern Mongolia.  I got this piece from the curator of the museum at the university in Ulaan  Baataar.   They had some very nice ones in the museum, large and gemmy, and in the Natural History Museum.  The museum at the university does not seem to have regular hours, I tried to go there several times and it usually wasn't open.  I have seen a couple of these for sale on the internet but was not able to find any in UB.
An interesting ventifact (wind shaped) I picked up in the southern Gobi.  There is differential weathering of the sedimentary layers and the piece has a nice polish.
Not for Sale
Petrified Wood:  This piece came from near the Erdenetsogt lignite deposit.  There was a big petrified stump there and this piece had a nice natural polish. Not for Sale.
Smokey Quartz:  These come from the national park near Ulaan Baataar and I picked this one up at the gift shop at the natural history museum. Not for Sale.